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by Deepali Srivastava

“In his new book, marketing guru Philip Kotler identifies debt-supported consumer spending as a flaw of capitalism — along with 13 other shortcomings.”

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Ivana Taylor, Small Business Trends

Book Review: ‘Confronting Capitalism’ by Philip Kotler – by Regis Schilken, BC

“Confronting Capitalism does something I have not seen before. It takes economics and puts it on a practical human scale.” –Evil Cyclist

“Those who have even the remotest connection to the levers of power should be locked in a room and forced to digest Kotler’s analysis and act upon it.” –Darren Ingram Media

“If you want to understand what’s really wrong with our present system of Capitalism running amok, you’ll have to read Kotler’s book.” –Huntington News

“[Kotler] does for the pitfalls of capitalism what Thomas L. Friedman did in explaining globalization in The World Is Flat. This deserves a wide readership.” –Library Journal

“…the author’s prescriptions for change which are likely to be wildly controversial.” –Leading Business Books 

“Critics of capitalism are not in short supply.. But when the critic is Philip Kotler, capitalism needs to sit up and take notice.” –Financial Times

“…written for anyone interested in a common sense understanding of today’s economic malaise; how we got here, where we’re going, and how we can turn this around…” –Another Opinion 

“…excellent book because it sends this very clear message to workers, bankers, industrialists, CEOs, politicians and presidents.” –BlogCritics

“…[Kotler’s] writing on behalf of all business; large corporations as well as one-person firms, mom-and-pop shops, small businesses and everyone in between.” —Small Business Trends 

“Brings a fresh perspective on what capitalism is and how different variations of it are in existence in the world today…tackles multiple issues with conciseness” –-Book Barrage

“Every so often a respected economist writes a book that’s not just highly readable but that contains analyses and viable solutions to vexing economic and societal problems.” –Changing Winds

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